Memory Improvement for Name Retention and Recall of Faces with Names!

Memory Improvement for Name Retention and Recall of Faces with Names!

The in-depth formula for recalling names when you want them. Save yourself the embarrassing situation and stress of trying to avoid someone because you don’t remember their name or their information.

A six step system that takes the Memory Improvement Workshop 8 hour program to a specialized system of name Retention.

Learn the techniques to encode store and retrieve names and information about clients, associates or generally people you know or have met at some time. How to handle rapid fire introductions, remember people in your meetings or presentations by hearing their name one time.

A simple brain friendly program that you can roll into your lifestyle with the ease you deserve in an information overload world!A simple six step system to remembering names and faces for the rest of your life!
Never have to say I forget your name or what was his or her name!
Remember Names of friends, family, associates, clients and people you meet and see again.
How to handle Rapid Fire Introductions remembering everyones name!
Remember people their story or important information forever. The sweetest sound universially in any language is your own name! Now you can always recall others it at your mental fingertips!

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