Expert Shield – THE Screen Protector for: Fujifilm Finepix X-E1 *Lifetime Warranty*

Expert Shield – THE Screen Protector for: Fujifilm Finepix X-E1 *Lifetime Warranty*

Just swapped your wage packet for a new camera? Good decision. Where some people respond to the smile of a new-born infant or the aroma of lavender, you have your priorities straight. For you, itÍs a nicely weighted casing, great CCD, a lightning-fast chip and amazing video recording.

The same feelings apply, of course, to your iPad, Galaxy S4 or even your Kindle. We get it. These things are cool.

But what about scratches? How will you preserve all that mirrored beauty and perfection of form?

Ah, you bought a screen protector? Maybe you spent a couple of bucks. But you soon realized you might as well have used plastic wrap. Your screen had more bubbles than a foam machine at a kidsÍ party.

Luckily, youÍve got Expert Shield. Money canÍt buy a better screen protector. (Although we will accept a used Maserati.) TheyÍre guaranteed for life.

What makes Expert Shield screen protectors so darn good? Well, you know those triple-choc brownies you love? Well, we adopt a similar layered approach.

The first layer is silicone gel that grips your screen like a magnet (without actually being one). We then layer in an ultra-hard mask to keep off deeper scratches. Finally, the top layer is a durable plastic that keeps your camera screen as shiny and bright as a spinifer. Whatever that is.

Customer service? Your screen protector is precision-cut according to make and model. ItÍll last longer than any other. ThereÍs no glue or residue. And under your guarantee, weÍll replace it in the time it takes to say ïFREE lint clothÍ.

Order online and youÍll also receive a finest-quality, lint cleaning cloth _ completely FREE of charge.

Your Expert Shield comes pre-cut to the size of your Fujifilm screen.
Your Expert Shield comes with a no bubble guarantee.
Your Expert Shield also comes with a no scratch guarantee.
Actually, your Expert Shield is pretty much guaranteed to make you happy (we guarantee it).
Oh, and those guarantees last for the lifetime of your device. Because we love you.

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