Presales Consultancy – The Essential Guide

Presales Consultancy – The Essential Guide

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A lot of publications in the market tell you what to do, how to do it – which is great – this one goes a step further and also gives you the right tools to do the job. The right templates, pre-filled in with relevant and targeted technology best practices details to edit and make your own. 

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***Updated – Addition of a Sample Microsoft© Exchange 2010 Transition Proposal***

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Those in IT industry, especially working in a Presales role or as a technical consultant understand the need of assisting sales team with providing technical expertise for potential opportunities. In UK, Presales consultants get paid anywhere from £40,000 to £80,000 + a year depending on experience. In addition, some companies have commission structure that reward the technical consultant for each won opportunity for which he/she provides technical assistance.

It has become essential for Presales and technical consultants to be able to consistently win business and qualify good opportunities from the ones that are time wasters. It is also essential for them to consistently scope the opportunities technically and provide enough information to themselves or their colleagues to produce a winning proposition in a proposal format.

The key benefit of this publication is to arm you with the right knowledge and templates to make your engagements much easier and to make sure your documentation adheres to all the Industry best practices required to make an impact and win the opportunities – from asking the right questions, putting together a winning proposal to detail a targeted design document.

About the Author

I have 15 years + experience in the IT field. I am very familiar with the IT industry and have worked directly or indirectly (white labelled) for a lot of top service providers

Target Audience

This is targeted towards Presales consultants who are starting in the field and need some guidance towards qualifying, analysing win probability and scoping of potential opportunities as well as couple of end to end sample proposal templates which you can use to produce high quality proposals. This guide is equally beneficial to seasoned IT consultants as well as Presales and Professional services manager to cross reference their practices with what is stated in this publication. This information can arm you with knowledge to impress in interview stage as well as in the field itself.


Chapter 1: Presales Consultancy

Chapter 2: Types of Client Requests and Your Responses

Chapter 3: Sample Caveats and Assumptions

Chapter 4: Types of Sales Opportunities

Chapter 5: Presales Team Workflow

Chapter 6: Presentation – Tips and Tricks (includes sample presentation template)

Chapter 7: White boarding – Tips and Tricks

Chapter 8: Scoping, Qualification, Win Probability and Proposal Approach

Chapter 9: Technology Scoping Questionnaires

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Chapter 10: Sample Active Directory Health Check – Proposal Template

Chapter 11: Sample Microsoft© Exchange 2010 Transition – Proposal Template ***New***

Bonus – Sample Exchange 2010 Transition Design Document ***New***

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